Local Accounting Firm Embraces Expansion Opportunity

Oikonomos Chartered Professional Accountants (“Oikonomos”) announced today that they will be substantially expanding the firm. Partner and founder Bernard Grobbelaar, CPA, CA, looks forward to the addition of three new staff members, numerous clientele from various sectors and a new location in Edmonton.

This expansion comes on the heels of a successful year in 2017 and will represent a great stride toward their long-term strategic plan. With this acquisition, Oikonomos is developing into a regional accounting firm with multiple offices and a comprehensive accounting services team.

Mr. Grobbelaar expects the expansion to be positive for both clients and staff. “We have a very experienced team in place,” he says of the expansion. “Combined, we have over six decades of public practice experience.”

“We are looking forward to the addition of three new staff members, numerous clientele from various sectors and a new location in Edmonton.”

Bernard Grobbelaar

Founding Partner

When asked how the expansion will benefit new and current Oikonomos clients, Mr. Grobbelaar answers that all clients will “continue to receive high-quality service they’ve come to expect, but under an expanded management team.”

Mary Traikovski Hampson, CPA, CGAan incoming principal on the Oikonomos team, adds that new management will mean “younger, fresher ideas” for clients and staff. One concept already well underway is a full transition to paperless systems and digital accounting systems. The team will also be strengthening internal processes for an unparalleled client experience.

“We’ve been looking forward to this expansion for months,” Mr. Grobbelaar says. “It’s been a long process, and we’re finally at the end of that process. I think the whole team is excited to move forward and dive into the day-to-day of this expansion.”

About Oikonomos Chartered Professional Accountants

Oikonomos is a full-service accounting firm based in the Edmonton Capital Region. At Oikonomos, we are “stewards of time and resources.” We help our clients implement strategic financial practices for long-term stability. We provide tax, accounting, consulting and assurance services for a diverse clientele.


Bernard Grobbelaar