We are driven to deliver on our commitments quickly and effectively

Oikonomos Chartered Professional Accountants is based in the Edmonton Capital Region. Our founding partners have over 30 years of collective experience. Our dedication to quality and precision are demonstrated visibly in our work, and in the continuous client support offered with every service.

Oikonomos is the ancient Greek word for the steward of a household, and is also the same word from which we get our modern word economy. This resonated so with our founders, that it was selected as our name.

With custom services designed for specific industries and needs, no two clients are ever treated the same. Our expertise is reasonably priced, and provided with the highest quality of service. We are relationship builders, eager to foster long-term connections for business success.

Oikonomos is committed to helping our clients find every answer they are looking for, and providing sound advice for all aspects of their business and personal ventures. We are, above all, business advisors, able to answer a wide range of business ownership questions, both financial and otherwise. As dedicated stewards, we serve our personnel, our clients, and the community at every opportunity.