Industry-Led Professional Accounting for Every Business

Your business is your livelihood. Short-term solutions are not viable when your livelihood is at stake. You require healthy advice and solid guidance to ensure your business with be profitable in the long-term, and capable of navigating financial challenges smoothly.

We assist small businesses, sole proprietorships, solopreneurs, and owner-managed businesses with the process of defining a comprehensive blueprint for financial success. After determining your primary objectives, we will direct you to the steps necessary to achieve them. Whether your business is fully established, or in the fledgling phase, our skill accountants will keep you on track, minimize your tax burdens, and structure your controls for optimal results. Our fluency in business setup, internal controls, and tax saving strategies help you build your skills into a profitable enterprise.


  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning &┬áCompliance
  • GST/HST Consulting and Compliance

Accounting & Assurance

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Personal Net Worth Statements
  • Financial Forecasts and Budgets
  • Depreciation of Equipment
  • Audit/Review of Financial Statements

Outsourcing & Consulting

  • Consultation and Development of Revenue Recognition Policies
  • Implication of Offices in Different Provinces
  • Review Arrangements with Trades
  • Special Project Corporations or Joint Ventures
  • Employee Benefit Plan Review, Design & Implementation
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • WCB Returns
  • Consulting on Financial Issues
  • Wealth Planning
  • Advice on Incorporation
  • Succession/Transition Planning
  • Business Valuation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions