Our Mission, Vision & Values:

Our Mission

Our mission is to be stewards of our clients’, owners’ and employees’ time and resources by providing consistent, superior client services.

Our Vision

Our vision provides the framework for our business by describing what we need to accomplish to become good stewards.

  • Financial Performance: To provide financial stability to our owners and employees.
  • Market Growth: To become a recognized business brand in Alberta for accounting and consulting services.
  • Operational Excellence: To strive for a balance between quality and service delivery.
  • People and Learning: To provide an equitable and fulfilling workplace where our owners and employees can achieve family and career success.
Our clients trust us with their financial information and provide us with access to their employees and other resources, as well as their money. We must be stewards of the time of our clients and their personnel and their financial information. We will achieve our mission of good stewardship by focusing on the four key areas relevant to all organizations.  By staying true to the direction provided by our vision we will become good stewards for our clients, owners and employees.

Our Core Values

Our core values are like a compass, guiding our actions and describing how we behave.

  • EXCELLENCE to strive for the highest quality service to our clients, owners and employees.
  • EQUITABLE to treat our clients, both big and small, our owners and employees with fairness and respect.
  • TIMELINESS to provide services and responding to our clients’, investors’ and regulators’ requests in a timely manner.
  • BALANCE to strive for work-life balance by managing owner and employee workloads, and setting reasonable client expectations.
  • IMPROVEMENT to foster an environment of continuous improvement through structured and unstructured learning.
  • SELFLESS to put the interest of our clients above our own.
  • OWNERSHIP to own our mistakes by acknowledging and correcting them, including paying any consequential cost.