Finding Quality Voices Through All The Noise

Most individuals have two precious resources, time and money. However, even though money is a precious resources, it is not truly limited. It’s not limitless in that you can spend with reckless abandon, but you do have the ability to make more of it through work and investing. So, it’s not limited. Time on the other hand is limited. Every person on earth has the same amount of time, 168 hours per week. So, why do some people seem to achieve more with the 168 hours than others?

Like most people, I spend a considerable amount of time in my vehicle. This time has been called “net time”. You can fill this time with an activity that doesn’t require any additional real time. For instance, instead of listening to music or meaningless talk radio rehashing the previous nights sports game, you can listen to an audio book or a good podcast. Such activities provide you with professional and personal development.

If you’re not using the net time in your life, you are missing a great opportunity to optimize your time.

Using the time in my car, I have come across some really good podcasts for the business leader and entrepreneur. I thought I’d share my favourite podcast in various categories relevant to running a business.

Personal and Professional Development

The is Your Life by Michael Hyatt. In this podcast Michael shares from his experiences running a large business and being a mentor to developing leaders. Michael stopped producing new episodes in the fall of 2016, while he is working on his next idea. There are seven seasons available, so there is more than enough for you to binge on.

Online Business

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. Pat has build a number of online businesses. He also has more than one podcast. The focus of this podcast is teaching you how you can use various strategies to start earning passive income, from earning affiliate commission to selling online courses. Even if you don’t intend on building an online business, Pat’s advice and energy will help you evaluate how you run your own business.

Leadership and Management

HBR IdeaCast by Harvard Business Review. HBR is one of the most highly regarded authorities in the world for leadership and management research and development. Subscribing to the HBR podcast is a great way to get access to their extensive research for free. The podcast provides great variety. Some episodes discuss published articles, while other episodes are interviews with business leaders or the authors of published articles.


Under the Influence by Terry O’Reilly for CBC Radio. As a business leader, you will want to know learn as much as you can about marketing. There are various podcasts available, that will attempt to teach you how marketing your business through Facebook, print media or other mediums. Terry however has a very unique approach. Instead of focusing on how to market your business, Terry’s podcast focuses on understanding the marketing industry. The episodes are extensively research, with Terry stating that his team does about forty hours of research for each thirty minute episode. Being part of CBC radio, it is exceptionally produced providing a very enjoyable auditory experience. They also post pictures and videos for each episode on the accompanying website. I think this is my favourite podcast in any genre.

Economy and Markets

Insights by Morningstar. This podcast is mostly focused on the USA economic and market. The specialists with Morningstar and various industry specialists take complex economic and market influences and explains these in plain language. As long as you have a medium level of understanding about economic and market terms, this podcast will help you understand your investments better.

Technology and Media

Studio 1.0 hosted by Emily Chang on Bloomberg. This podcast is the audio version of the interviews Emily Chang has with some of the biggest influencers in technology and media on Bloomberg TV. This podcast doesn’t post regularly, but the pedigree of the guests makes this a “must listen” to for every business leader.

Others to consider

Success Talks by Success magazine
General discussion on the topic of success, with regular interviews of successful people. I stopped listening to it though, as it was excessively scripted and didn’t come across authentic to me.

A Minute with Maxwell by John Maxwell
John Maxwell is very well known for his leadership training and mentoring of other leaders. Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to develop an interest in very short podcasts, like this one. However, if you like bite sized information, this is a great podcast to add to your playlist.

Highly Rated and Recommended
I have also recently added some highly rated and highly recommended podcast to my playlist, that I haven’t listened to yet.

Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to utilize your net time which will accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Are you listening to podcasts? Let me know which podcasts have influenced you the most.

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